Jhb water - Opening of account without my authorisation


We bought a house in Midrand and I went in to register the property at Jhb Water.I completed the green form (which has my signature as authorisation) and the account number they assigned us were 551401619.

I paid about R600 on this account and the second payment I made was R625. A few months passed and I have been receiving the invoices with my credit amount of R625. I did not think much of it and eventually the invoices stopped coming. In October of 2013 while writing my exams I received an account on my cell phone (I registered my husbands cell phone number and don't know where they got mine).

The account read R16 600 due. The account number was not the same, 551527139, but the meter number was correct. I went in to Jhb Water on Tuesday, to sort this out and was told that an investigator will be sent out. I asked if they would let me know what he finds and they said "No,they won't", I will only see the results on my next statement.

I wanted to give them my e-mail address and the lady said she won't take anything. I asked how I get the breakdown of this account and she said I have to come in and request it, upon which I replied "We'll I am here and I am requesting it". Then they wanted me to bring in my payslip so that THEY can tell me how much I have to pay, I am not aloud to tell them how much I can pay. By the Friday in the same week they came to the house to switch the water off, so they did not send out the investigator, and I have not received the next statement yet.

Thankfully my husband was home and we convinced the man to give us until Monday to make a plan. This is an account that has been opened without my knowledge and without my signature. I want to know if it legal. They told me that the account number with my signature on has been closed....

They had my husbands cell phone number and my work number. Now of course there is interest charged on the account, I believe that I do not have to pay it.

I would like more comments regarding this situation.Thank you so much.

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